What do writers do?I’m usually asked what I do all day as a writer. ‘Do you just sit on your laptop and pretend to work?’

Actually, I do a lot more than that. Here’s a typical day for me (this was last Monday).

4am: Woke up and brewed some coffee. Headed back to bed and spent some time reading and meditating on my Bible.

5am: Shoved some oats in the oven for my weekly stock of granola. Then, I started working on my latest book. I’ve been really struggling with this book, which is why I’ve missed about three deadlines. I try and do 2k words a day, but, it’s a real struggle. I fear I will never finish.

7am: In the old days, I would try and run five miles, but as I’ve been struggling with a knee injury that medical science has yet to diagnose, I try and walk for about 30 minutes instead. Exercise is really important to me. I know that I’m my absolute best when I’m physically fit.

07:45-08:30: Got ready for work. I run Ready Writer, a content creation company. It’s a (very) tough gig, but it also has its wonderful moments.

08:30-09:00: Walk to the office. It takes me 25 minutes door to door. The walk also gives me enough time to mentally prepare for the day. It’s also inspiring. I get lots of ideas for my books and for work, which I audio record on my smartphone.

09:00-1700: Crazy busy. Ready Writer is a growing agency and everyone works remotely, so it’s important that everything works. I think it’s a better way of doing business, because generally, people are more productive when they don’t have to face a 1.5hr commute to work. It was a nightmare in the beginning, because I had to figure out the best tools and processes that will make everything work. Thankfully, things are much better now, because we’re making improvements all the time. It’s funny because when I first started Ready Writer, I used to dread it when things went wrong. But now, I see those situations as opportunities to make improvements.

In no particular order, this is what I get up to during the day, at Ready Writer:

First things first: coffee from the café next door. Black Americano, no sugar. I love the service, because the minute I walk through the door, the lady gives me a massive smile and heads toward the coffee machine and starts grinding the beans. The coffee’s good – the crema still needs some work though…

I scan the news to see if there’s anything of relevance to our clients (amongst others, we provide article writing and business blogging services). If I spot some pertinent news, I notify the clients and ask if they would like some ‘reactive content’. The answer is usually yes. We aim to deliver this kind of content within 12-24 hours, so speed is of essence.

I scan our editorial calendar to see our planned content (social media updates, client posts, seasonal calendars and more) for the week.

If there’s a staff meeting, I prepare for that. I only schedule meetings when I think it’s necessary – I think people have more productive things to do than attending unnecessary meetings .

If needed, I do some writing and some finance stuff (we have an accountant, but there are some things that only the director of a company can do).

In between all this, I’m researching leads, speaking to clients, staff, keeping an eye on business news and trying to keep my STRESS LEVELS DOWN.

1700-1800: I try and take at least 15 minutes downtime before going home.

20:00-2100: More writing on the book. This time, it’s like pulling teeth. I’m anxious. This has been the most difficult book I’ve ever written. It’s like squeezing water from an empty well. At 21:30, I give up and drown my sorrows in The Goldbergs and Mike & Molly.

10:30: Bed. But, I can’t sleep. The book is my mind. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I don’t think I can do it…


About the author

Abidemi Sanusi is a writer and founder of the Ready Writer website. A former human rights worker, she is also the author of 10 books, including Looking for Bono, and Eyo, which was nominated for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Abidemi has been featured in Forbes, the BBC and the Guardian.

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