A few years ago, I was at a gathering of writers and readers. At the event, I met quite a number of people at different stages of their writing career.

Some had started the journey by setting up a blog, even if it was set to ‘private’.

Some were wondering if they had any right to call themselves writers, after all, they hadn’t published anything – yet.

Others were wondering if they dared give in to that voice in their head telling them to start writing something, anything, because they’d harboured the writing dream for so long now, it was in danger of being buried, suffocated, as it were, by the ‘realities of life’.

You’re doing great

As I listened to all these stories, all I wanted to do was hug and tell them that the fact that they made it to the event said more about their passion for writing than they realised.

Most importantly, what I wanted to tell them, which I don’t think I managed to do, was this: I know this writing stuff can be scary. But, take it from me: wherever you are in your writing journey, you’re doing great. xxx Abidemi



About the author

Abidemi Sanusi is a writer and founder of the Ready Writer website. A former human rights worker, she is also the author of 10 books, including Looking for Bono, and Eyo, which was nominated for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Abidemi has been featured in Forbes, the BBC and the Guardian.

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